Buy Roos Wraps to Lose Pregnancy Weight!  


Burn Belly Fat by Securing Your Baby to Legs and Exercising!  

Use Roos Wraps for your baby's tummy time, learning to sit up and learning to walk!

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How soon can I start using my Roos Wrap?

As soon as your baby is holding up their head and you are released to exercise

How do I put on a Roos Wrap?

Slide both of your legs through the tube, pull pouch through the ankles, place baby on their tummy with their head towards your knees and secure baby to your legs by pulling pouch up over them and wrapping straps around your legs and tie in bow on baby's back.  Watch Video here

How heavy can my baby be?

Up to 40 pounds

How often should I exercise with Roos Wraps?

4-5 Days a Week

How to use your Roos Wrap!

Exercise with Baby

Fun Exercises with Roos for all fitness levels!

1. Start with gently bouncing baby engaging your core.  

2.  Keep your baby parallel to the ground extend your legs a slightly forward & back 

3. Extend and hover legs a few inches above the ground, draw knees back to chest, repeat

4. Sit Ups, Russian Twists & V Ups

5.  Attach baby to feet and begin pull ups and leg lifts