Roos Wraps:

The 3-in-1 Wrap that Grows with Your Baby to Support Healthy Development

Designed by experts to make tummy time, sitting up, and learning to walk physically and emotionally easier, so your baby feels strong, independent, and ready to explore.

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Tummy Time

Doesn't Have

To be Stressful

How It Works

Make Tummy Time Easier

If your baby hates tummy time, no matter how essential it is for their development, it’s hard to make time for it especially if they cry the entire time.

Roos Wraps makes it easier to strengthen their head, neck, and trunk muscles by using the natural angle of your legs to ease them into it. That way, you’re not only supervising tummy time, you’re creating a stronger bond with your baby at the same time.

Assist Your Baby’s Ability to Sit Up

Sitting up can be a challenge, especially if, for example, you’re on the go and your baby can’t quite manage a grocery cart on their own.

With Roos Wraps, no matter where your baby needs to sit, they’ll have the stability they need to sit in any chair while also building their muscles and learning to sit up on their own.

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Support Your Baby’s Journey into Walking

Have you ever thought about why we teach babies to walk with their arms up overhead when it’s easier to balance with your arms out to the side?

The Roos Wraps design helps your baby learn to balance so you can focus on supporting your baby’s first steps with fewer bumps and bruises along the way.

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What Roos Wraps Users Have to Say

My daughter and I loved the Roos Wraps! It was one of her favorite past times aside from cuddles with mommy! It was great whenever she had tummy problems and it helped her neck strengthen with tummy time.

Amy Balaam

My daughter literally had no interest or need (the baby of 4) to walk at almost 12 months! After we got the Roos Wraps and started walking assisted in it, she was so much more excited about it! Like, super pumped all over her face! The next week she was standing on her own balancing and just yesterday she started walking!!

Amelia Miller

Set Your Baby Up for Success

Being snuggly wrapped in Roos Wraps encourages your baby’s essential growth by:


Their head, neck, and trunk muscles during tummy time

Setting up an environment

For babies with colic to engage in tummy time at an angle with gentle bouncing to aid in digestion


Visual tracking & hand-eye coordination

Creating body awareness

Through proprioception and vestibular input

Supporting their ability

To sit up by strengthening their oblique muscles

Practicing balance

When learning how to walk

Creating a bond

Between you and your baby

Turning emotionally

Stressful moments into joyful play

How to Use Roos Wraps for Tummy Time

  1. Slide Your Legs Through the Tube. Make sure the tube is around your calf muscles with pouch at the bottom of your heels. Pull the pouch through your ankles so it rests over your feet. 
  2. Place Your Baby on Your Legs. Keep your feet on the ground and place your baby on their tummy with their head towards your knees. 
  3. Pull the Pouch Over Your Baby. With one hand on your baby, grab the pouch with your other hand. Secure the pouch around your baby’s back. 
  4. Secure Your Baby with the Straps. Use the straps to wrap around your calves back around to your baby’s back and tie in a bow. Roos Wraps should feel very snug.  
  5. Bond with Your Baby. Depending on your baby’s ability to hold up their head, place your legs at the appropriate level and gently bounce with your baby.  Start with 5 min and work up to 20 minutes.

How to Use Roos Wraps to Support Sitting Up

  1. Slide Baby Through the Tube. Make sure the tube is around your baby’s waist with pouch in the back at the bottom. 
  2. Pull Pouch through Baby’s Thighs. 
  3. Bring Pouch Over Your Baby’s Tummy. Pouch should come all the way up to your baby’s heart with straps under armpits.  
  4. Secure Your Baby with the Straps. Use the straps to wrap around chair, then back to baby’s chest and tie in a knot.  
  5. Use Straps to Tie a Toy. Stop toys from dropping on the floor by tying a toy or teething ring to your Roos Wrap!

How to Use Roos Wraps to Assist Journey into Walking

  1. Slide Baby Through the Tube. Make sure the tube is around your baby’s waist with pouch in the back at the bottom. 
  2. Pull Pouch through Baby’s Thighs. 
  3. Bring Pouch Over Your Baby’s Tummy. Pouch should come all the way up to your baby’s heart with straps under armpits.  
  4. Wrap Your Baby with the Straps. Use the straps to wrap around baby’s back, to baby’s chest, back to their back and tie in a knot.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Placing your baby onto their tummy vs their back while they are awake. Tummy time should always be supervised.

Most babies should begin tummy time as a newborn but check with your pediatrician if your baby has any restrictions.

Tummy time helps baby’s spine get the lower lumbar curve while also developing their trunk and neck muscles to eventually help them learn to crawl and then walk. Tummy time allows gentle pressure onto your baby's organs helping to relieve gas. It also is a wonderful way to develop fine and gross motor skills along with sensory play helping with your babies development.

Let’s Face it, tummy time is hard muscular work. It takes so much of your baby’s energy and strength to lift their little head. Our recommendation is to start slow. Think of angles. You’ll start with a steep angle and then move toward a flat surface.

Here’s our tummy time timeline.

Baby Milestone Timeline

Start skin to skin on mom or dad's chest. Do this often and try to sit at an incline or lay down speaking/singing to your baby. Try to have them connect to you. Also do not let them favor one ear to your chest. Switch ears so that they don’t only look in one direction.

2-4 weeks:
Start using Roos Wraps. When they are itty bitty turn head to one side (make sure to switch which ear is down at different times you use Roos Wraps) at this age you will allow knees to come to your chest, gently bounce your legs and pat your baby’s back. Roos Wraps has the same effect as a swaddle mimicking a mother’s womb – baby feels safe and secure, the bouncing gives them vestibular input just as rocking a baby to sleep and the patting of the back helps release gas.

When baby can hold up their own head around 6-8 weeks using Roos Wraps, you can bring the knees over the chest and continue to bounce allowing for the angle to become less steep. Continue to use Roos Wraps daily for tummy time until your baby starts crawling.

****During all these stages you should also be incorporating tummy time on the floor.

Check out this awesome site on tummy time!

Tummy time on a flat surface is extremely difficult for babies who are suffering from colic. When baby is placed at an angle, tummy time gets physically easier for them—kinda like an adult suffering from acid reflux sleeping at an angle. Also the gentle pressure on the baby's digestive system by your shins along, with the gentle bouncing and patting, baby's back can help relieve gas.

Being snuggly wrapped in Roos Wraps creates a gentle pressure to calm baby while creating body awareness and body position in space otherwise known as proprioception input.

Gentle bouncing of the legs activates the receptors in the inner ear creating a sense of balance.

Roos Wraps allows baby to sit up tall just about everywhere instead of leaning to the side creating uneven obliques and lateral bend to the spine.

Roos Wraps is a flexible material where an adult can hold onto the straps and guide baby to sitting and continue to build their trunk muscles

Grocery carts, park swings, wagons, chairs and more.

Attach Roos Wraps to baby just like you would learning to walk. Instead of encouraging steps, allow baby to hold on to a toy while you hold the straps. Holding a toy will help baby balance while standing and strengthening their leg muscles.

Do your best to get your baby to hands and knees crawling before walking. This motion works both sides of the brain, develops balance and coordination that will later help when learning to walk. Some adults are even advised to practice crawling to stimulate the brain if they missed this as a baby!

When baby's arms are out to their side or holding a toy, your baby can develop balance. Think of walking on a curb or balancing on one foot. Would you put your arms straight up into the air? No you would put your arms to your sides like airplane wings to help you balance. Do this for your baby too!

Info on holding a toy here.

Roos Wraps are manufactured in Vernon, CA


Not happy with Roos Wraps? We will set up a zoom meeting to hear why you're unhappy and then we will send you a shipping label and give you a full refund before your baby's first birthday.

Yes! Roos Wraps has been safety tested up to 80 pounds and all materials are safe for your baby! Please see safety test attached

It's easy! Send us an email with a picture of your baby and Roos Wraps and we will unlock your 4 week baby and me workout program! All you will need to do is refresh the app when we email you back letting you know we've unlocked it.

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