Roos Wraps can help you with Losing Baby Weight, Mommy & Me Workouts, Pregnancy, Post Pregnancy Fitness, Teach Your Baby How To Walk and it makes the Best Shower Gift!

Lose Baby Weight

For many women, achieving a healthy weight after pregnancy can be a struggle. Read More

Post Pregnancy Fitness

Even though you are cleared to exercise, it’s very important to know which exercises are safe. Read More

The BEST Shower Gift

Searching for the BEST Baby Shower Gift?  Look no further! Read More

Mommy & Me Workouts

Mommy & Me Workouts are fun for you and your new baby! Read More

Teach Baby How To Walk

Teaching your baby how to walk can be a challenge! Read More


Pregnancy is an incredibly miraculous event, a delicate time and must be handled with care. Read More

We are The Donchenko Family!  

Husband and wife who have made a commitment to raise our two sons, Eli & Isaiah around Jesus,  healthy living & giving back!

We know how hard it is to stay dedicated to working out.  We are here for you.  Will you join us on this journey? 



Julia Piazza

Roos Wraps is a wonderful tool women can use to safely exercise with their babies. Jennifer the founder has created a way for moms to “ get their bodies back” after baby, all in the comfort of their own homes. If you ever have a chance to take one of Jennifer’s postpartum yoga classes you will be thrilled with her knowledge, enthusiasm, compassion and support for all women in the prenatal and postpartum period. I highly recommend Roos Wraps to all of the women in my prenatal yoga classes and workshops.

Paul Phillips

I highly recommend this product! It's a unique and fun way to do healthy stretching while engaged in active play with the littler grandchildren. My daughter loves it also. It takes just a minute to securely wrap the infant or child in place, and then simple very natural but sufficiently challenging leg movements lift the child up. It's recovering, bonding and playing at the same time! Fantastic idea

Amanda Herzog

I LOVE the Roos Wrap and have only used it once, I just got it today. Jenn was so sweet and showed me how to use it, but if you’re not local her videos are user friendly and so is the wrap. My son & I can’t wait to use it again.
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