Teach Your Baby How To Walk

Teaching your baby how to sit up or walk can be a challenge!  When trying to initially sit up baby flops over to the side.  And why do we teach our babies to walk with their little arms straight up?

When using Roos Wraps to teach your baby how to sit up and walk, your baby is gently assisted.

When sitting up, your baby no longer flops over to the side.  Instead the pouch comes under your baby’s armpits and the straps secure your baby to the chair.  Now your little one can sit nice and tall allowing for stability and their body to develop strong even core muscles.

When walking you hold the straps not your baby’s hands protecting your back and also helping baby learn their balance by holding out their hands.  Mommy and daddy’s backs are now protected and your baby has fewer bruises and face plants.  Using Roos Wraps to teach your baby how to walk also helps your baby to learn balance by using their hands for stability.

How to put your Roos Wrap on your baby to teach your baby how to sit up and walk:

1) Slide the tube around your baby with the pouch facing down on your baby’s back

2) Pull the pouch through your baby’s legs and up over there chest

3) Wrap the straps under your baby’s armpits, back around chest and back under armpits and tie in bow at back.

4) For Walking, hold all the straps at your baby’s back and teach your baby how to walk!  See video to the right!

For sitting up the knot can be at your baby’s chest or back.  If you chose at your baby’s chest, you may also tie their favorite toy at the end of a strap so if they drop it, it never hits the floor.  Never leave your baby unattended while sitting up.

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