Pregnancy is an incredibly miraculous event.  Life forming within a woman’s body is a delicate time and must be handled with care.  Pregnancy increases a woman’s hormones contributing to emotional, physical and spiritual well being.  Creator of Roos Wraps, Jennifer Donchenko, has gone through Birth Wisdom Yoga Teacher Training to be a resource to every woman from pregnancy through postpartum recovery.

During Pregnancy, a woman’s emotions fluctuate depending on the woman and her circumstances.   Many emotions that are common are excitement, anxiety, joy and for some women sadness. Pregnancy can make you laugh and then the very next minute you are sobbing.  As you experience ups and downs, set your mind on all the beautiful things happening in your body.  Finding a quiet place to rest, pray and practice “Birth Breath” can help you ease the roller coaster of your pregnancy emotions.

This is what Birth Breath looks like: “Beginning with the inhale, allow your breath to slowly reach all the way up through the crown of your head.  With your exhale, allow the breath to flow gently down, around your baby and out your toes.”  Julia Piazza Birth Wisdom Yoga Founder

Not only does Pregnancy effect your emotions, but the body also changes dramatically.  Relaxin enters the body allowing for relax and prepare for birth.  Due to relaxin, women have to be careful not to overstretch because overstretching can cause injury.  Pregnant women are also at high risk of diastasis recti, separation of the ab muscles.  The abs will naturally separate a little bit, but any stretch or exercise that causes the abs to push out is a risk for a large gap between the abs.  Many times post pregnancy the gap can be brought back together by a physical therapist but sometimes requires surgery.  And that’s not all!  From lower back pain, sciatica, nausea, insomnia, exhaustion, headaches and much more Pregnancy can take a toll on the body

To help with the side effects of Pregnancy we have created a prenatal yoga video based on Jen’s Birth Wisdom Yoga Training with Julia Piazza. This video will show modifications best for Pregnancy, create space in your pelvis for your baby to be born, connect you to your baby and prepare you and your baby for labor and delivery.

Anytime you practice Birth Wisdom Yoga for Pregnancy it is a physical, emotional and spiritual experience.   Take the time to set the mood as often as possible.   “My favorite way to set the mood: clean room, candles, Pandora Station Bethel, aromatherapy, yoga mat, block, blanket, pillow, Birth Wisdom Yoga Journal and water.  Start with prayer in child’s pose, connect to the life within me and then begin to move my body.  Does this happen every time I practice Birth Wisdom Yoga for Pregnancy?  No!  I have a two-year-old and many times he is crawling all over me and his toys are all over. But I do my best to do it as often as possible to set the mood to prepare for labor.  But every night I take the time to connect to Jesus, my baby, my breath and my body while practicing Birth Wisdom Yoga for Pregnancy.” Jennifer Donchenko, Roos Wraps Creator

We highly recommend Julia Piazza’s Birth Wisdom Yoga Remedies and Journal for Pregnancy.  It is beautifully written with all the pregnancy modifications, common pregnancy ailments, a space for you to journal and write letters to your baby.

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