Mommy & Me Workouts

Mommy & Me Workouts are fun for you and your new baby!  No need to look for a babysitter to get your pre-baby body back.  Instead, take this precious time to connect with your sweet baby through our mommy and me workouts!

Mommy and Me Workouts are about you and your baby.  As you start your fitness regime connect with your baby through singing, tickling and keeping eye contact.  As your heart rate raises, your baby will start to smile and connect with you too! Mommy and Me Workouts are the perfect way to begin to exercise again. Make sure to start slow and only do what feels good in your body.  During these Mommy and Me Workouts, there will be exercises for your baby too!  The exercises for your baby will help with their digestion and help them sleep better too!

Grab a yoga mat, water, a blanket for baby, a blanket for your knees, put on your favorite tunes and enjoy theses home mommy and me workouts. Place your mat down and a blanket for your baby at the top of your mat in the center.  Place blanket for knees across the center of your mat if you need extra cushion.

Here are some yoga poses Up to 4 Months Postpartum for Mommy and Me Workouts that are considered safe.  No sit-ups and only modified backbends.  You are still at risk of diastasis recti and if you are breastfeeding relaxin is still in the body.

  • Cat / Cow

  • Pelvic Circles

  • Low lunge rocking

  • Tabletop leg extensions

  • Down dog

  • Walk feet up to the outside of your baby, heels in toes out for Goddess stretches

  • Stand and reach tall – side bend right and left

  • Half lift to down dog

  • Lower knees and modify to come into Warrior 1 on both sides

  • Lower knees and modify to come into Warrior 2 on both sides

  • Horse / Sunflower

  • Bridge

  • Half Pigeon

  • Wide Straddle

  • Butterfly

  • Rocking Happy Baby

  • Gentle twists

  • Roos Wraps for core exercises – gentle bouncing and leg extensions. No boat pose yet.

  • Please watch videos for baby stretches.

After 4 months postpartum your Mommy and Me Workouts can continue to slowly increase intensity.  Remember to give yourself time to get your body back.  It takes time to heal after pregnancy and giving birth.

Enjoy these Mommy and Me Workout videos!

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