Lose pregnancy weight and burn belly fat!

For many women, achieving a healthy weight after pregnancy can be a struggle. It can be stressful taking care of a newborn, adjusting to a new sleep patterns, developing breastfeeding and recovering from childbirth.

There are a few things to keep in mind when trying to lose your pregnancy weight. Don’t use the “Hollywood” time frame to get your post baby body back in shape. It takes 9 months to grow a baby. Give yourself a realistic time period to lose your pregnancy weight. Be patient, and keep healthy by setting achievable goals including: an exercise routine, balanced diet and sufficient sleep. A daily journal will help you keep these goals and help you lose your pregnancy weight.

Good diet, exercise and rest are the best ways to achieve your post pregnancy weight goals. While the amount of weight you lose after giving birth may vary, the most important thing is that you return to a healthy weight range. No gimmicks and no crash dieting!

Roos Wraps makes developing a work out routine convenient and fun, while spending quality time with your baby. No new mom wants to add one more task to her list like having to plan a babysitter to go to the gym. Roos Wraps makes it easy for you to acheive your pregnancy weight loss goals and encourages your abs to heal. The best part, it can also help calm your baby! Less stress = faster weight loss helping you reach your maximum potential to lose your pregnancy weight quicker.

After you are released to exercise by your Doctor, start by securing your baby to your legs, squeeze your abs together and gently bounce your baby. This encourages the abs to come back together after being stretched from pregnancy. The next step will be to keep your baby parallel to the floor and start to move the legs slightly forward and back still drawing the abs together. With time, you will develop the core strength to extend the legs all the way to the ground and back up. As your baby grows, you will be stronger and leaner. Burn belly fat and lose your pregnancy weight with our Roos Wraps & our Roos Wraps Fitness Videos.

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