Fun Tummy Time for Baby!

Let’s face it, most babies hate tummy time which means it can be very stressful for moms.  If babies are crying, burying their faces into the ground, how likely are you to do it?

Roos Wraps is improving baby tummy time by allowing for a safe and easy way to interact with baby during tummy time to strengthen their head, neck and posterior muscles.  With your baby on your legs, your baby can look down at you to work on eye contact!  This is a great position to read/sing with your baby, work on visual tracking and even hand eye coordination by passing toys.  The gentle bouncing can even aide in baby’s digestion which means happier baby and mama!

So what is Tummy Time & When to Start Tummy Time:

According to Pediatric Occupational Therapist Andrea Theis, “Tummy time is important for your child’s development. It is even endorsed by the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) in order to strengthen head, neck, and upper body muscles. Along with strengthening, tummy time also helps to build coordination that will aide in the development of rolling, sitting up, crawling, reaching, and more. Tummy time also helps the development of visual tracking & visual perception skills, hand eye coordination, body awareness, sensory processing, and prevents Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome). Tummy time can start as early as day one in newborns! It is important to make tummy time a daily part of your routine as early as possible. Begin with as little as 3 minutes and work your way up to 45-60 minutes throughout the day. Initiate eye contact with your baby. Coo, sing, and play with your baby to help hold their attention and encourage their participation.” Read more at Sunshine and Growing Minds (

Andrea & her son Barrett – “Roos Wraps! We LOVE Roos Wraps! Roos Wraps was created by a yoga teacher and mama to two adorable little boys. Roos Wraps gives mama a great workout (WITH your baby), and gives your baby some FUN tummy time. We work on lots of eye contact during workouts with our Roos! Another plus is that it is such a fun way to bond with baby, while also working on losing that baby weight, getting your core strong, and getting back in shape!” – Andrea Theis, Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Between 4-12 months postpartum, you can slowly start increasing the intensity of your exercises.  If you practice yoga as a post pregnancy workout, you can start to incorporate boat pose and backbends.  With other post pregnancy workouts you can increase the intensity of your stroller walks to jogging then to running and start to lift a heavier weight.

When using Roos Wraps, your baby is your weight.  The heavier your baby gets, the stronger you become and easier to burn belly fat and lose your pregnancy weight.  It will take time to get to where you were so be patient and kind to yourself.

Our Pediatrician LOVES Roos Wraps!

Check out what Pediatrician, Dr Biyu says!  “I am amazed of how the two are doing especially with the nimble Isaiah.  Both have perfect head shape, no slightest evidence/history of Flat Head/Container Baby Syndrome.  It is a great fat losing regimen post partum and bonding time with either parents, thus fostering a complete, Healthy Physical and Emotional well-being of the infant child.  Truly a product worth recommending.” Dr Biyu, Pediatrician, Nativity Pediatrics Primary Care.

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