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April 8, 2019
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November 22, 2019
Meet Tyler! 

Tyler is 3 years old and battling a brain tumor.  We need help fundraising for his Camping Dream Bedroom!  He shares a room with his big brother who is 6 years old.  Read his story below by ABC Ch 10  who wrote a beautiful article and amazing video!!  You have got to view it for yourself!  Read full article here  

According to Ch 10 ABC, “Katie first noticed symptoms in Tyler that concerned her when he was 11 months old. She said her baby would have tremors, his eyes would roll up into his head when he was picked up and that he didn’t cry. For nearly a year and a half, Katie and her husband Ronnie Richards asked medical professionals if their son should get an MRI, but she said they kept getting the same answer: “don’t worry, Tyler will eventually catch up with his peers developmentally.”  Doctors ruled out autism. They ruled out seizures. The Richards knew in their gut that something was seriously wrong.  It wasn’t until Tyler was two years old that he finally got an MRI on the suggestion of an Oakland neurologist last March.

“The diagnosis, it came after a year of searching for answers and being told, ‘Oh, he’s going to catch up. It’s a delay. It’s a global delay’,” Katie said.  That MRI revealed Tyler had a tumor that twisted itself through his brain. He’s since been diagnosed with ganglioglioma, a rare form of brain tumor.   “It’s massive,” Katie said. “It’s like five inches long, from the top of his right thalamus down through his cerebellum, and so it’s intertwined.”  By then the tumor had become inoperable, meaning Tyler will likely not survive, barring a breakthrough, experimental medication and procedures.”  After… finding out what it is, we decided that we were going to live every moment,” Katie said, “And try to make his life as normal as possible and not let the diagnosis be who we are.”

You can follow Tyler’s journey on Facebook.

For every Roos Wrap purchased with discount code TYLERSTRONG you will receive $5 off and we will give $5 per Roos Wrap back to Tyler’s Camping Dream Bedroom! 

We choose to fundraise for children because it is heartbreaking as parents for other parents to have to go through the fear of losing their child.  I couldn’t imagine hearing the new Tyler’s parents received.  Please share Tyler’s story, buy Roos Wraps, share Roos Wraps and help us serve more families like Tyler’s Family.

Tyler we are praying for you!  Jesus please heal this sweet boy =)




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