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November 28, 2018
15 year old Maddy battling cancer receives DREAM Bedroom
April 1, 2019
We are currently fundraising for 15 year old Maddy.  Maddy is battling cancer for the 2nd time & on Isolation for up to 100 days.  Just sit back and try to imagine this.  Not only are you scared because your cancer has returned but… you are bored out of your mind not feeling good at all.  The room… cold, bright and lonely.  WITH YOUR HELP WE CAN CHANGE ALL THAT &  BRING JOY AND HEALING TO MADDY!

We will be donating $5 for every Roos Wrap Purchased to Sweet Dreams Foundation for Maddy’s Dream Bedroom!  We have a $5 discount code TeamMaddy that can be entered at checkout.  See posts on FB & repost her picture and our Roos FUNdraiser =)

100% of proceeds of Roos Wraps will be donated to Maddy’s Dream Bedroom with promo code TeamMaddy!!

So far we have raised $35 for Maddy’s Dream Bedroom!!!  Please share Roos Wraps with all your Pregnant and Postpartum Friends or anyone around babies!  With the TeamMaddy discount your Roos Wrap only comes to $25 + tax and FREE Shipping!!  Buy Here!

Register for Yoga and Donate Here!



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