Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery
November 28, 2018

I am 2 months postpartum and the biggest question I am constantly asked is “Jen how do I get my body back?”  Followed by “You don’t even look like you have had a baby!”  My answer is simple “Patience and Commitment”.  Two very hard qualities for most of us to have including myself.

Honestly, I take the time to listen to my body.  Our bodies speak very clear if we take the time to listen.  We are all built different.  You may look at the picture above and say, I want my abs to look like that. I want to lose my pregnancy weight. Just take a moment and pause.  It took 9 months for your body to expand and create life within you.  Have patience to feel good again and take the time to listen to what your body is telling you.

But the bigger question is Can You Commit?

Can you commit to eating fresh, whole foods?  Can you commit to moving your body every single day?  Can you commit to starting your day off with a positive mindset? Can you accept the season that you are in today?

What does one of my typical days look like?

Start morning with drinking a large glass of room temp water with apple cider vinegar.  I prep breakfast which is usually plain oats with boiling water and I add in Pink Salt and Cinnamon.  I pour homemade kefir over the top and sprinkle more cinnamon.  In my two year olds breakfast I do the same but add raw honey.  I make a cup of raw cacao which includes xylitol, pink salt, 1 scoop vital peptides, splash of oat milk and splash of all natural creamer. My cup of cacao is my daily treat to myself.  I love it! I sit down with my sons read children’s bible while eating breakfast together and prayer.  After about 30 min of eating, we put on either worship music or country & start exercising.  I begin with Roos Wraps to warm up my core and give Isaiah tummy time and then play around doing some yoga moves but also include dancing, frog jumps and chasing my two year old.   Then I eat small snacks throughout the day until dinner.  Snacks typically include apple or banana with natural peanut butter, ½ avocado, orange, a cup of what I call Maca Tea, raw juice that we freeze into popsicles.  Then I move my body more with Roos Wraps & then wear my infant to go for a walk while Eli rides his bike.  Dinner which will usually consist of some combo of fish, chicken, veggies, buckwheat, quinoa, etc.  I stay away from gluten and try to watch portions.  The hardest things for me to do is watch my portion sizes especially when food tastes so good!  Most nights I will give myself one small square of all natural dark chocolate. Before bed, Roos Wraps again yin yoga stretching read bible and pray.

God created our bodies so unique so you must take time to listen to what your body needs.  I am not vegan.  My body feels so much better with a little bit of wild caught fish such as salmon or cod.  I eat a lot of fatty foods such as all natural peanut butter and avocado.  BUT, I do watch my portions. It is extremely rare that I eat presercatives, fillers or anything my body doesn’t like.  If I eat something my body doesn’t like, it immediately gets inflamed.  I do exercises that heal my body and take it slow.  Since having my two year old, I get spasms about every 6 months where I can barely move.  It’s is caused from back labor.  During that time, I stretch and move very very slow but I still move.  I rarely sit on the couch, instead I sit on the floor and stretch.

It takes patience and commitment.  I have spent many night crying out to God for help & through those prayers and tears my body has slowly began to heal.  I think God made me very very sensitive to the needs of my body to inspire you that with taking the time to listen you too can feel beautiful naked.

We are STRONGER in Community.  If you need prayer, if you need an accountability friend.  I am here for you!

In Love & Health,

Jen Donchenko

Creator of Roos Wraps

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